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Reach the future faster.

The first Future Foresight Educational Platform available Globally and in the Middle East an affordable way for people to have access to the future
Vital information regarding Future Foresight from different perspectives
Applicable exercises and
Examples of “How to” and interviews with exclusive Futurists

Reset your goals

Classical education does not help us when we want to advance in business or career. We use too little of what we learn on school benches at work or in business . 

And this often makes us confused and frustrated because we feel that there are things we miss. 

Courses in Sulsight help you reset your education. And it opens up opportunities for you where you used to see closed doors.

Learn Foresight skills with Sulsight

If you are an official, entrepreneur, employee, or someone looking forward to making a better future, and want to have a broad awareness of the changes around you in education, health, energy, society, and other fields, it is critical to have tools that help you realize a clear vision of your future and the future of your organization whether in the government or the private sector, and this is not random, but science that has its own studies and tools that scientists call it “Foresight”.

Why should you study and understand foresight?

The concept of foresight is to study the past and present based on Allah’s ways in his universe, and on all new data, indicators and economic, technological, political, social, environmental and other information in order to establish a clear vision of what the world will be after 10, 20 years or more.

Foresight should not be confused with the prediction of the future as Foresight leads us to the development of predictable alternatives that will help to achieve a better tomorrow, according to a scientific methodology based on specific tools and techniques.

Importance of Foresight

Reaching the state of integration of knowledge and information of all kinds and fields in order to improve social work, and increase community participation in the envisioning of the future.

Help decision-makers develop appropriate plans and alternatives, prepare for challenges, and optimum utilization of the available future opportunities.

Planning to get the a picture of the future so that it can be implemented on the ground.

Promote the growth and prosperity of companies and institutions of any activity.

What do you lose if you are not part of SULSIGHT?

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What Are The SULSIGHT Members Saying:


Houna al Moustaqbal features interviews with innovators and thought leaders that are working to build our future. Listen the expertise of global thinkers, innovators and troublemakers whose ideas challenge the world

When should you consider the science of Foresight?

Future quest practitioners and experts unanimously agreed upon that it has become more important than ever before in our time, as we all recognize the complexity of this age and the rapid and abrupt changes in different fields and the ease of access to and participation of knowledge, so we need this kind of foresight to make decisions that are more aware of all the developments that are taking place worldwide.

How can you learn more?

Foresight learning depends on a number of factors, the most important of which are: Expanding the scope of research in the field of foresight sciences, which include the foresight of the expected developments and their results and how they are implemented on the ground, as well as having many tools, skills and capabilities

Where can you learn more?

In Sulsight, experts and specialists work in all fields that are concerned with foresight science and fulfilling its concept and mechanisms by communicators, trainers, translators, auditors, and technicians, who all aim to spread the culture of foresight among the members of society to produce a generation that has the tools of this science and is aptly able to make a better tomorrow over the long term.

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