Terms and Conditions

1. Ownership rights

The Future Foresight Foundation owns all publishing and distribution rights for all of its training materials published on SULSIGHT platform. No user has the right to download, record and retain the content for any purpose. The materials will be viewed only through the online account during the time period for subscribing to the package.

2. Usage rights

Only the account holder has the right to benefit from the content, and he is not entitled to give permission to enter using his data to anyone else. In the event that the account is subjected to simultaneously entries from different devices, the account may be close until the legality of use is proven.

3. Terms of use of the platform

  1. The user can communicate directly in the place designated for discussions within the training program.
  2. The platform is capable of 3 personal devices (computer – mobile – tablet) with full compatibility and ease of use.
  3. The platform provides an approved electronic certificate of attendance in English or Arabic (depending on the course) upon completion of the training program or through the Future Foresight Foundation, according to the package subscribed to.